We are entrepreneurs.

Facilitated Growth was started by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. FG is a full-service management consultancy that pledges to take your company to the next level.

We are partners.

Facilitated Growth provides an experienced team to help your business scale at any stage. FG equips the entrepreneur with the necessary tools for organization, optimization, and expansion.

We go beyond investment.

Facilitated Growth knows what it’s like to build something from scratch. We invest in companies who show the same passion and determination.

Strategic Advising

Often overlooked and undervalued, strategic planning is a defining principle in business. FG works intimately with our clients to understand the vision and goals for their organization and creates customized plans highlighting the necessary steps to achieve that vision.

Business Development

A first hire can be expensive and business development initiatives require dedicated time and attention. FG offers a for-hire business development team that aligns with our clients’ needs and actively works to pursue business expansion initiatives on behalf of the company.

Back Office Management

An entrepreneur’s time is often consumed by expanding their business. There is seldom enough time to drive business growth and simultaneously keep the company properly organized. FG provides a full suite of back office services to assist in the organization and maintenance of the business.

Merger & Acquisition Aid

Negotiations and deal-making can get tricky. The correct tools and assistance can make an impactful difference on the outcome of a deal. FG houses an experienced team, which can be utilized as a key point of reference throughout M&A negotiation processes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs the proper tools to succeed within both the current and changing marketplaces. By providing proper guidance and tangible services at efficient price points, Facilitated Growth has established a proven track record of propelling companies forward; often at integral points throughout the business life cycle. Beyond merely engaging in business, Facilitated Growth's long term goal is to help clients work towards organic growth and a lucrative rate of return. Our vision culminates in Facilitated Growth aligning our services, network, and proprietary funds with our clients' ideas and strategies, creating a footprint ultimately reflected in the US Capital Markets.

Our Benefits

  • Professional Business Development
  • Advisory Consulting
  • Back Office Aid
  • Financial and Operating Strategy
  • Exit Strategy Assistance
  • Managerial Expertise