Wall Street Journal: Tips for the Aspiring Angel Investor

OCT. 2, 2015 Wealth Matters By Paul Sullivan “It sounds like a surefire way to get good returns on your money: Invest small amounts across a dozen or more young companies; reap outsize rewards on one or two; repeat. This is the simplified version of angel investing, the euphemistic term given to early stage investments […]

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Andra Tomsa of Spare featured on Fox 5 News

NEW YORK (FOX 5 NEWS) – 1.4 million New Yorkers rely on soup kitchens and food pantries to feed themselves and their families. An app is looking to help the needy through micro donations. While bartending after receiving a master’s degree in economics, Andra Tomsa identified a creative way to make a difference. Her app,¬†Spare, […]

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