A Counterintuitive Approach to Liquidity

January 11,2016 Michael Kitces Liquidity may be an appealing characteristic for an investment, but a growing base of research is finding that illiquidity may be even more desirable. Ironically, demand for illiquid investments is so low, that they appear to carry persistent excess return premiums. This view has been popularized in recent years by people […]

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Everything You Wanted to Know About VC Liquidation Preference But Were Afraid to Ask

Venture capital investors almost always insist on investing through a “preferred” equity instrument, typically referred to as preferred stock. Preferred stock is better than common stock, because holders of preferred stock receive preferential treatment in the event of a liquidation of the business. For these purposes, a liquidation event can be either a bankruptcy, a […]

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Ostrich Farms can Play a Key Role in the Economy

“At the time when the government is working very hard to build our country’s economy, as a largest bird on Earth Ostriches are capable to play a crucial role.” According to The Daily News: In recent years, because of the growth of health awareness among people, there has been high demand of ostriches in America […]

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