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Business is simple… Profits are hard. Let us help.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide entrepreneurs the proper tools to succeed within both the current and changing marketplaces. By providing proper guidance, and tangible services, at efficient price points; FG has a proven track record of propelling companies forward, often at integral points throughout the business life cycle.

Beyond merely engaging in business, Facilitated Growth’s long term goal is to help clients work towards organic growth and lucrative rates of return.

Our vision culminates in Facilitated Growth aligning our services, network, and proprietary funds with our clients’ ideas and strategies; creating a footprint ultimately reflected in the US Capital Markets.

Business Statistics*


Of Business failures are management related


Of entrepreneurs succeed in their first business venture

89% 1.5 Million

The average sum of funding raised for successful startups in 2014 / CSS
*statistics from The Harvard Business Review

Our Model

Facilitated Growth is a New York based business and management consultancy created to provide assistance for companies and entrepreneurs that deserve an opportunity to succeed. FG has an established track record of building support systems for businesses as they navigate through the difficulties associated with growth.

At the Company’s core, FG is a consulting team committed to helping expansion focused entities through the various phases of the business cycle. Through our diverse offering of services, a focus on teamwork, transparency, and communication; FG equips clients with the structure and attractiveness needed to acquire advancement-based support through high quality, low cost solutions.

Facilitated Growth understands each phase of the business life cycle. Our team has experience that includes assisting high-achieving start-ups shift from pre to post revenue, negotiating investment banking deals, domestic and international M & A activity, buyouts, and public listings. Our platform and guidance have proven to help clients through the subsequent growth phases by providing value added services and synergistic contacts amongst our clients, member companies, and partners.

As a company founded by successful entrepreneurs we are inherently value seekers. Since inception FG has contributed proprietary funds to the best companies that have engaged in our consulting services. Our partners use the consultancy as a vessel for identifying the most innovative companies and strongest entrepreneurs at the earliest stages of development. The end result is synergized operations which align our services with proprietary funds and subsequent success.