Facilitated Growth offers a unique approach to consulting. Typical consultants subscribe to individual (as needed) service providing. Our prime focus is process implementation. Our products evolved from a realization that entrepreneurs need consultants to responsibly align with their business rather than consume large amounts of working capital.



Our process based consulting solutions are comprised of both strategy-centric and value-added activities.

Through dozens of projects and decades of experience, our organization has a track record of “building self-sustaining systems” for our clients. Subsequently, Facilitated Growth provides each client with a highly functional back office support system designed to complement the existing infrastructure with the advanced tools of big business. Often times, moving functions such as CFO, secretarial (both organizational and functional), bookkeeping, investor relations management, PR, and business development services are unaffordable for early stage companies. Facilitated Growth can help alleviate these needs by providing a more cost efficient approach to human capital. We understand that most initial budgets cannot afford the team it takes to drive a company’s success. FG prides itself in providing the support system, allowing the entrepreneur to focus on executing their plan.

FG Services and Disciplines