Ostrich Farms can Play a Key Role in the Economy

“At the time when the government is working very hard to build our country’s economy, as a largest bird on Earth Ostriches are capable to play a crucial role.”

According to The Daily News:

In recent years, because of the growth of health awareness among people, there has been high demand of ostriches in America and Europe.

This demand has forced many beef suppliers in USA to shift into Ostrich’s meat whose demand is not expected to slowdown in any time in future.

Weighing about 154 kilogrammes, ostriches have healthier and nutritious meat in the avian family when compared with other members such as chickens and ducks.

This is a high quality meat because it looks red but scientists say it’s a white meat, Ostrich’s meat has the lowest amount of fat materials and cholesterol compared others from chickens and fish.


Read the article here: http://www.dailynews.co.tz/index.php/columnist/45643-ostrich-farms-can-play-key-role-in-economy