Paralyzed San Francisco East Bay Canine Successfully Treated with Epica’s Artemis

Paralyzed San Francisco East Bay Canine Successfully Treated with High Intensity Laser Therapy
Published on February 19, 2017

An 11 & 1/2 year old San Franscisco East Bay canine became paralyzed recently as she was attempting to squeeze through a closing door. Shelby, a female dachshund became weak and eventually went down, unable to use her rear legs. Her family were heartbroken as Shelby is a beloved pet who has always entertained with her antics and squirrel chasing. Seeing Shelby drag herself around was almost more than the family could take. Shelby’s owners immediately took her to their local vet who sent them straight away to the UCDavis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital for evaluation.

At UCDavis Shelby was evaluated and diagnosed with a ruptured disc in her spine. An estimate was created for diagnosis and surgery with a guarded prognosis for recovery and the family was told to prepare for a lengthy convalescence. Shelby’s estimate was in the $10,000 range. Unfortunately the estimated cost for treatment greatly exceeded the family’s budget. Crestfallen, the family accepted pain and anti-inflammatory prescriptions and instructions to place Shelby under strict confinement at home.

Desperate for alternatives, Shelby’s owners began searching for Alternative Medicine solutions to improve Shelby’s odds of recovering. Searching the Internet, they found….

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